About the Project

Let me briefly introduce this project and myself. This website, mypharmatools.com, is my effort to create some useful cloud-based pharmaceutical applications.

I am a pharmacist with a working knowledge of several programming languages. I enjoy programming, it gives me a way to create something new and useful. Applying my pharmaceutical education to create tools geared toward my field made sense. I enjoy developing applications that help other people to solve problems.

I continue to learn new skills both in programming and in science. I am open for new professional opportunities, collaboration and challenges. If you need a person with pharmaceutical and IT knowledge for a project you're currently working on, or if you have a question or suggestion about current site, please feel free to contact me at:

This site currently uses the following:

Hope you enjoy using this site!

Anton Mymrikov

If you like my work and this site, please donate any amount for its development. This will allow me to spend more time on developing new utilities and updating data in existing ones.